The Disturbing State of Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’

Here is it, KBS today, 😦


The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia boasts the most diverse collection of animals found at any zoo in Southeast Asia. From endangered Sumatran tigers and orangutans to Komodo dragons and a broad array of birds, Surabaya’s magnificent menagerie would be something to behold. That is, if the animals weren’t living in squalor.

Despite the fact that the zoo is popular with locals and visitors and responsible for the care of up to 4,000 animals, many of which are endangered, the Surabaya Zoo has become infamous for its appalling conditions and the inhumane treatment of its inhabitants. According to a recent article by Trisnadi Marjan of the Associated Press, approximately 15 animals at the zoo die every month — a figure that has actually decreased from two years ago — suffering from preventable diseases, hunger, lack of exercise and overcrowding.

Two weeks ago, the zoo’s last remaining giraffe, 30-year-old Kliwon, died…

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